Best Vitamin D Supplement

Why Sunfluencer SUN is the Best Vitamin D Supplement

Vital for overall well-being, vitamin D is often lacking in people’s diets and sun exposure. Fortunately, numerous vitamin D supplements are available, however, not all of them provide equal quality. That’s why Sunfluencer SUN stands…
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vitamin D spanish flu

Vitamin D: The Silent Hero in Spanish Flu Battle

Back in 1918, during the Spanish flu, doctors tried something new. They moved patients outdoors to catch some sun. Why? They didn’t have many treatment options, and they found that fresh air and sunlight seemed…
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attain 50 ng/mL vitamin D for a working immune system

Boost Your Health: Attain 50 ng/mL Vitamin D Swiftly

Many peer-reviewed research articles conclusively demonstrate that a low level of 25-hydroxyvitamin D  (i.e. far below 50 ng/mL) in the bloodstream significantly increases the risk of severe disease, long-term damage, and death from COVID-19.  That…
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