Sunfluencer, founded in February 2023, emerged from a fervent desire to empower individuals to reclaim their health in a simple and straightforward manner, without the need to consume countless products. Its inception is rooted in the quest for truth and the will to challenge mainstream narratives, particularly those surrounding health and wellness.

About Dr. Simon Goddek

Dr. Simon Goddek wears multiple hats – a biotechnologist, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and a citizen journalist. His commitment to promoting health, self-sufficiency, and unwavering scientific integrity is evident in his work and endeavors. Dr. Goddek courageously exposed the discrepancies in Drosten’s PCR protocol paper, leading to his unjust cancellation and job loss on three separate occasions since 2020.

Currently residing in the heart of the Brazilian jungle, Dr. Goddek immerses himself in permaculture while delving into pivotal subjects like scientific integrity, vitamin D, gut health, the ketogenic diet, and the profound effects of fear on our immune system. His insights can be found on Substack and X (former Twitter) (@goddeketal).

The adversities he faced in academia did not deter him. Instead, they became the catalyst for the creation of, where he pioneers in the development of groundbreaking Vitamin D and Omega-3 formulations. Dr. Goddek is also a proud fellow of the esteemed Brownstone Institute.

Join us on our journey at Sunfluencer, where truth, health, and empowerment converge.